Jul 2, 2012

"Thick draws the dark..."

Winter... I'll be honest and tell you I'm not a fan.

The cold, the grey, the drizzle, the icy wind, the ever runny nose... unless I could spend all winter on the ski slopes I do not think I will ever be a winter convert.

Yes, there's the argument that you can always put on more clothes, rug up against the cold but I hate being padded up like the Michelin man, there are only so many layers one can wear without looking ridiculous and then there's my gas bill... oh my - winter is only just setting in, the carbon tax hasn't even hit the bill yet and this last quarter is already nudging the way too expensive!  

Maybe it's not that I dislike winter but that I love summer too much? Hmm, maybe I'm just lying to myself with that one?!? I miss my Queensland sun and beach side life just a teensy bit today :(

Winter is just ever so depressive... I want to love it more, I do. I am just not sure I know how! 

I'm demotivated and I need to just snap out of it lest I begin to eat myself to oblivion... 

Be back soon - hopefully cheerier and sparkier than today!

Oh, a bright note in an otherwise dull post... my little girl (Big Little Miss M) had her enrolment accepted for next year to the school we really wanted her to get into - a relief since I'd heard they had for the first time ever more enrolments than positions. 

Oooh... and just because it's really not all that bad, my girls and I are going to set off for a day trip to the snow this coming week provided it's not too wet and slushy up on the hill! YAY - it will be their first time to see, touch, feel (and maybe taste) snow!!!

Till next time 


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