Jun 20, 2012

Getting ready to PAAAR-TAY!

Only 3 more sleeps till my big girl (aka Big Little Miss M) turns FIVE!!!


Hasn't quite sunk in yet and I'm not sure how the years went quite so fast...

The theme for Saturday's party is rainbow's and Unicorns. Here's a peek at what we've organised so far:

The invites... (not as pretty when I've 'jittered' out personal info but I'm sure you get the idea) I mounted these on rainbow coloured corrugated card stock with a brad.

Some of the tissue paper pom poms:

The chupa-chup lollipop ball... the pops are covered with crepe paper (Still a bit of prettying up to do but it's almost there:

Chocolate spoons (yep, she had some of these on last years birthday candy buffet, but they are so easy and pretty that I had to make them again)

Test run on a good old favourite... marble cake:

Rainbow fondant curlicues:

More candy than you can poke a stick at:

I've been wanting to try this for so long... it took pretty much the whole day with all the layers and waiting for the jelly to set. Many recipes refer to the opaque layer being cool whip but since I can't get that anywhere convenient here in regional Aussieland I just divided each jello mix in half before the step to add the cold water, and in one half mixed through a generous dollop or so of cream to achieve the pastel opaque layer in each colour. Obviously the use of dairy product does impact the longevity of the jelly but this stuff won't be sitting around for very long I'm sure!

It's still all stations go with plenty more to be done before party day... a unicorn costume, cake pops, cupcakes, a unicorn cake, a photo booth backdrop etc etc... all to create a wonderful, magical, unicorn filled day for my very special little lady - after all we only turn five once!

Oh, it's getting late, I'm rushed and my brain is somewhat frazzled but I had to let you know that the sources of my rainbow inspiration can be found over on my pinterest boards - link over on the right side bar - (I wish I could come up with this stuff but mostly I give the highest praise to those creators through the act of imitation and modification - go check out the originals and be amazed at the wonderfully talented and creative bloggers that give us the ideas that allow us to create the magic for our own little ones).

Much love and magical rainbows and unicorns to you!

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  1. Oh my, this looks like it will be a fantastic party!! I can't wait to see the finished cake!


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