Mar 30, 2012

Missing Mojo, curly hair and a freaky looking bunny!

Okay... so I need to get my sewing mojo back . . . SERIOUSLY! Who snuck in and stole it while I was nanna napping???

I think part of the problem is that my sewing room looks like someone detonated a fabric bomb in there . . . so   it's not very conducive to a random spot of sewing - all inspiration gets sucked right out of my being the instant I open the door . . . like it's become some sort of creative black hole or abyss.

I will get in there and sort it out . . . I promise . . . I will, I will . . . and when I do I'm sure I'll find that creative mojo buried under a pile of gorgeous fabric screaming to be cut, sewn and re-invented!

So, what have I been doing if not sewing?

Losing my mind. Okay, maybe not. Well, maybe only for fleeting moments. I've been feeling like my brain is turning to mush lately - I'm forgetful, disorganised and seriously, I can have a whole conversation, make plans and commit to doing something only to turn around and completely forget THE. WHOLE. CONVERSATION!!! Hmmm . . . I need to find a memory boosting phone app or something!

Well, here's that frizzy hair photo of my girls I promised in my last post . . . they love it even if their hair gets so incredibly knotted after a day or two like this!

Big Little Miss M rocking her curly style!

Little Little Miss M looking too adorable :)

And because it's almost Easter and the girls had their last day of playgroup for the term they had a little party . . . I made these Rice Crispie Bunnies.

It was kind of funny, as I made them I thought they looked more like mice than rabbits. Then this morning I asked the girls to close their eyes as I put the tray in front of them . . . Big Little Miss M's eyes lit up as she exclaimed, "Wow Mum! CATS!"

So my bunnies look like mousey kind of cats! 

I got a good laugh out of it though and it as always reminded me of just how amazing children are.

And just one more pic . . . Little Little Miss M and the Easter Bunny whilst out shopping the other day. Is it just me or does the bunny look slightly scary? Little Little Miss M didn't seem to mind... after she discovered  the bunny came bearing chocolate that is!

Have a lovely weekend lovelies!

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