Mar 21, 2012

A few photo's of the week that's been . . .

How lucky are my girls . . . I've mentioned the local fauna park before and both I and my girls love the place!

Here they are getting up close & personal to pet one of the locals

The kangaroos and emus at the park wander freely as do the children! ☺

Remember as a little one how you always wanted the opposite of what you have . . . Well I do . . . dark skin to fair skin (I even quite embarrassingly remember patting my face with copious amounts of white talc as about an eight year old in the efforts of seeing how I'd look as a Caucasian!!!) . . . and of course straight to curly!

Well, my gorgeous straight haired girls wanted curly tonight - and they get so excited when I tell them we'll do hair twisties so they can wake with curly ringlets.

I don't know how they sleep with these little hair twists all over their head but they do and they are happy 
to. . . oh the things we do in vanity!

I'll show you a curly haired pic tomorrow.

And here's a little friend, Fleur (BOW dolly). . . I made her as part of a Facebook give away I ran at my last market 
night . . .
So why not check out and follow my FB page SpaNGle* and stay tuned for the next market night and giveaway!

And yes. . . I am slowly getting there on the Japanese Pattern. . . all my mummy duties are taking priority at the moment but I am getting there - just at a much slower pace than the norm.

Till next time

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