Mar 14, 2012

Another food post...

Yes, I know... sporadic (or rather absent) week or so from blogging - where do the days go and why must they melt into weeks before I know it?

Well, the Japanese pattern is coming along nicely and I will give you a peek into that very soon but for now here's a looksy at my latest kitchen creation....

I haven't named it yet - it has too many things going on for me to pin down a name... If you have an idea of a name let me know - I'll even try to put together a recipe of sorts for you!!! (Sometimes it's nice to just not use a recipe and throw in food favourites that you think will work and this creation is one of those)

It has a fig, honeycomb and macadamia biscuit base, a layer of caramel choc rolo cheesecake, followed with a white chocolate and maple layer, then topped with a whipped cream swirl and some home made old fashioned toffee (you know the sort you used to pour into patty cases and decorate with hundreds and thousands to sell at the school fete as kids) scrawls. 

And if you must know this creation is a total diet abomination!!!! 1050cals per serve and over 60g of fat - eat at your own risk but relish in the tastiness... sadly my current eating plan just does not allow for that much of a blow out so all twelve of my mini creations travelled to the local playgroup to be enjoyed my some other mums over coffee!

Oooh,., and my second Japanese pattern book has arrived in the mail too - I promise to share some of it's absolute gorgeousness with you in my next post!

For now though, it is well past my bedtime, so nighty night!



  1. How about 'The simply spangelic surprise' :) looks delicious!

  2. I like it Rouba! I'll have to get cracking on writing that recipe before my memory turns it to mush!! :)


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