Mar 4, 2012

All in pieces

Seriously . . .

Are you a one project person, start to finish?

Or do you start one, then another, then another and have a few on the go at a time?

Me? I'm the latter . . .  I start one project then intersperse it with the beginnings of others . . . sometimes this leads to distraction and in-completion . . .  other times it just works!

A few weeks back I made these gorgeous dollies for my two little princesses. . .

Let me introduce you to Big Little Miss M's new BFF, Jemima (what can I say - the girl loves her some playschool)

This next one is Little Little Miss M's new bubba . . .  Abbey - not sure where or  what inspired the name but she was adamant right from the beginning that her dolly would be called Abbey, and she has not wavered on it since - which is a little special in the ever changing world of a 2 and a half year old!

Yes, the Japanese project is underway. . .
but I thought I'd just give you a peek at another little project I'm also working on.

I began cutting another two dolls. . .

when Little Little Miss M wanders in, enquires as to my makings and then promptly put in a special request.... so one of these 'all in pieces' dolls is going to be a little extra special!

Three more Bit of Whimsy dolls . . .  One  a custom order . . .  one to find a new home when completed and one a special order by Little Little Miss M..

Can you guess what she wanted? I was a little surprised by the request but I'll let you know what it was in due course . . . ooh the mystery . . . the suspense . . .  lol, it must be late and yes I do need to get some more sleep!


Be back soon with a first glimpse of the 'Japanese Project'

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  1. These are sooo stinkin adorable! Wish my little girl still loved playing with dolls cause I would so make these.. but alas American girl dolls are the only dolls allowed these days!
    Oh and I am also a here and there kind of crafter!


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