Feb 4, 2011

Returning to a refashion…


Well, I am back from what was a wonderful and memorable (for many reasons – some of which I’ll detail here) trip to the lake for some water-skiing and have begun working on my next refashioning tutorial… But I wanted to tell you about my little mini break to the lake for a spot of water-skiing first…

Now, I must not mislead you too much… I use the term ‘water-skiing’ VERY loosely!… But lets start at the beginning – The Road Trip There….

The father in law gave me a verbal mud map of sorts with directions of how to get to the lake which is about 150kms (93miles) or so from home… now somewhere along the passage of information from him to me things got a little muddled – end result? Driving for about 40 minutes on a bumpy, unsealed, gravel, potholed, un-signposted track with not another vehicle, person or house in sight with endless paddocks surrounding… thankfully it hooked up to the road we were meant to be on so it was all rather comical in the end.

We got to the lake side caravan/cabin park just before dusk and the girls spied a closed merry-go-round at the park next door…

merry go round

merry go round 2

Luckily and totally by chance on the next day, the lovely old fellow who operates the carousel came by to do a spot of maintenance and he was kind enough to turn it on and give the kids a ride or two – they loved it!

But before we got to the next day we had to sort the girls and the sleeping arrangements. We’d booked a cabin literally minutes before we bundled up our things, packed the car and set off… and in our haste neglected to pack a port-a-cot for Little Little Miss M…. End result??? Both girls tried to share a double bunk bed… Little Little Miss M thought they were monkey bars….

midnight monkeys

Funny now… not so at about midnight after a long bumpy drive there… In the end Hubby, the girls and I all ended up sleeping in the bottom bunk just so the girls would sleep!

2midnight monkeys

Big Little Miss M woke up the next day just busting to go for a ride in Pa’s boat…


Little Little Miss M was a little scared by the experience but still managed a beautiful big smile with Pa when they came back in…

with pa

Now, here’s where I tell you why I use the term ‘water skiing’ so loosely… you see its been about 9 years, 2 children and minus approx. 35kgs since I last water skied (and that was the first time I’d done so too)… So if you call involuntarily drinking copious amounts of lake water, rather ungraciously and unintentionally performing the splits and failing to accomplish a full standing position whilst attached to two skis… then that’s what I was doing! And to top it off… Hubby did his back trying to get up on one ski early in the day, had to be dragged from the lake and couldn’t move for much of the rest of the day (and two doctors appointments, a muscular skeletal specialist appointment and about $200 later) and two days on, he’s still not much better and is pretty much couch bound and sleeping on the floor till his back comes good… Hmmm…. I guess this is what makes family trips memorable… and it was definitely that!

NOW… onto the return to a refashion… here’s a sneaky peek at the skirt I am in the midst or refashioning…


This skirt began life as a Size 12 ‘Brown Sugar’ A-line skirt…

original tags

It is a beautiful pale cream and chocolate brushed cotton/spandex blend with an invisible zipper at the centre back with contrasting chocolate ribbon embellishment across the waist band…

original waistband

This skirt is destined to be a Size 2T girls dress… now this is one that will probably end up in my store SpaNGle because my girls closet is already bursting at the seams full of refashioned numbers… (but being a size 2T which is also Little Little Miss M’s size means I’m going to have to resist the hoarding urge I have lurking just below the surface…)

Anyhow, check back tomorrow and I should have the full reveal and tutorial up and ready… but while you’re here why not have a poke around, leave a comment to say hi and be sure to enter my follower giveaway for your chance to win a $30 gift voucher to Shop @ SpaNGle!


The Spangler xo


  1. What a weekend...the boat looks fun...but I hope Mr Spangler gets well very soon!

  2. Looks like a fun time had. We need one of these weekends :-)


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