Feb 10, 2011

Just touching base...

Here's a pair of baby shoes I've been playing around with tonight...

As you can see they're only partly finished, still have a pin here and there and quite a lot of unfinished edges... just not sure if this shoe design is doing anything for me though? I used cotton for the outer, wool blend felt for the lining and I fused the two with fusible webbing before cutting the pattern pieces.

I think I'm just tired - today has just been one of those days where everything seems to make me feel more tired.

Anyway, back to the shoes... I first thought I'd leave the edges of the shoes and straps bare BUT then I changed my mind and decided that I'd blanket stitch the edge, much like this pair of shoes I did I while ago...

BUT GUESS WHAT... I got part way through the blanket stitching and decided I wasn't happy with how it looked on the polka dots so I pulled it all out.... So I tried just a plain straight stitch - still not happy... some white ric rac - you guessed it, STILL not happy!

And then I squished my finger above the needle arm on my sewing machine AND ran out of white thread.... couldn't chance upon a new spool ANYWHERE!

I think its my brain telling me its time for bed and a little catch up on some sleep... I will revisit these shoes another day...and just because I've never really tried my hand at jewellery/necklace making before I'm going to try it out (and because I also found the perfect 'chain-thingy' at the thrift (op shop) store which I have a few ideas for). Here's a sneaky peek at the find - it is silver and really is a little weighty... I think it may have originally come from a bag?

So come back soon, I promise I wont be as tired and dull and you might even see a necklace tutorial on here - how fun!

If you have any ideas for the necklace or shoes I'd love to hear them... have a little bit of a mental image of what I might do but am open to suggestion & I just love comments (...and new followers too!!)

Well, good night for now (it has just hit midnight here) & I hope to have you back here again soon...


  1. what about straight stitch in red to match the flower?? ps i have those days frequently!!
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    Leigh at The Sewing Diva

  2. I actually love the shoes just as they are...adds to the charm!!

  3. Leigh's idea is good...I was thinking white straight stitch or black bias binding..just to frame the edge. I am sure you'll think of something when you get some rest...it's always better in the morning.


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