Feb 20, 2011

Farewell oh Camera…


By this time of the week, I normally would have a tutorial all ready to post and go for all you lovely readers… BUT alas, my good old camera has finally given up the ghost…

sad faceWhen I discovered that my camera was no longer working – the lenses seem to be all misaligned like it’s been dropped – I had a mini world in crisis  moment…

How can I document my tutorials?… I’m unable to take my daily headshot photo’s for each of my girls (a year long project)… I cannot photograph any items for my store…

Without my camera I feel a little like something is missing – I carry that thing around with me everywhere!

I’ve been saying I’d like a new ‘fancy’ camera for months and months now, (I even held out when one of my lovelies managed to pull the photo button off and I’ve had to use a pin to take photo’s since then). Honestly, I don’t want to spend (nor have) the money to buy a new camera right at the minute…. with Kinder fees, ballet fees, swimming lesson costs and the ever growing cost of everyday living I just hadn’t factored in the cost of a new camera…

I’m still having fleeting moments of panic over it… but really, there’s bigger problems in the world than not having a camera – I’ll get by… just not sure how yet!

Meanwhile, I did use my mobile phone camera to take a couple of photo’s of what I’ve been sewing today… (and it too is a far cry from the latest & greatest example of technology – a really kind of basic phone, which is how I wanted at the time, so sorry if the photo quality is leaving a little to be desired…)

vintage dress

This dress is a beautiful vintage inspired style, with a couple of pleats on the centre front and back and easily adjusted shoulder tie straps (Check out I think sew for some gorgeous patterns).

vintage dress1

This dress is only half the project however, as I am making some matching baby shoes… will add a photo when I can (mobile phone takes OKAY photo’s in natural light)… even though I say it myself, I do love how this fabric and the contrasting bias looks in this style.

Anyhow, that’s all I’ve got for now – the lack of a camera is a little disappointing but I might do a mini tutorial using my phone as a camera… will have to dig around to find an easy refashion.

Hope you are all having/had a great weekend!

Cheers for now,

UPDATE: Thought I’d update with a photo (yep, still relegated to the ranks of mobile phone photographerSad smile) BUT on a brighter note… I absolutely love how this fabric ended up looking with this design shoe…

vintage handstitched shoes

I just wish I had another little bub of my own to put some little baby shoes on… hmmm… it seems my girls are growing soooo fast!


  1. I really feel bad for you..I know what you feel about using camera phone. I had my phone camera for blogging until I finally bought a DSLR. In that period, I got a very good assistance from Photoshop & Picnik, although the photo editors didn't work in some case

  2. I'm waiting for our old digital to give up so I can update and get a new camera :)
    Loving the dress, the colour is stunning!!

  3. Gotta tell ya, those photos look great to me. The dress is gorgeous - I just hope you can keep up your headshot project. Sounds fantastic

  4. The photos are impressive for a phone camera. I am sorry about your camera though...that stinks!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for following!! It means so much to me!


  5. I am soo in love with your adorable outfits! I am amazed every week! Hope you share with my Pink Hippo Party again @ http://pinkapotamus.blogspot.com/2011/02/pink-hippo-party-17.html

  6. These are so sweet! I just bought myself a new "fancy" camera. I got mine from usedcamerasonly.com. I am very happy with it. I hope that you will link this up with my Show and Share linky party, going on all week. http://craftygeordi.blogspot.com/2011/02/show-and-share-sunday_20.html

  7. Love your blog! I'd love for you to link your projects up here:

  8. I love the fabric! Very pretty, the shoes are swell too!!

  9. Oh My!! SOO cute! Fabulous job!
    You should come link this up to my weekly Thursday through Sunday Making It With Allie Link Party! I think it would make a Fabulous addition!

  10. love your blog!!! where did you get the dress pattern from for the sundress?? I love it. I have to make one.
    I linked up your blog to mine.
    check it out:

    thanks! Heather


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