Feb 6, 2011

My Brown Sugar turned Pink Polka Dotty... A Refashion

Last night I promised a refashion and a tutorial…

I can deliver on the refashion but have to admit today got the better of me time wise and the tutorial is still under construction – but fear not, it will be here just as soon as it’s done (who knew these tutorials took soooooo much time to compile???) I’d like to think I’m getting quicker at organising and drafting the tutorials but truth is I actually think my tutes are getting more & more involved… and I’m getting a little more & more time poor!

Not to worry though… I really do enjoy sharing the ‘how to’ of my projects so I’m going to stick with it… and blogging about my projects actually means they get finished and not packed away for that ever elusive ‘another day’.

This is what I began with... a size 12 (97% Cotton & 3% Spandex) Brown Sugar branded A-line Skirt...

Originally, I had planned to make a size 2 toddler dress but after toying around with measurements I decided on a size 4 toddler dress... not a chance of keeping it now (hopefully someone will love it enough!)

So whilst I plug away at the TUTORIAL - which will hopefully be here before you know it - here's the finished refashion... (kind of incredibly biased but I really ♥LOVE♥ how it turned out).

I wanted to retain the A-line shape but wanted a ruched bodice and a tied halter neck... the zipper from the original skirt remained at the center back...

The ruched bodice is my favourite, I think...

But the corsage style rosette on one side is not too far behind... I will update the photos with some daytime ones when I add the tutorial - I think the camera flash really takes away from the actual fabric beauty and it's so hard to see the colours as they actually are!

Overall it turned out pretty much spot on with what I had envisaged when I began... except I originally had planned to use an olive satin ribbon for the contrast instead of hot pink & white polka dots - but do you think I could find olive satin ribbon ANYWHERE???

Oh well, my image of chocolate, cream & olive was replaced with something a little more fun and bright - but I think it was meant to be... what do you guys all think? Are you keen for the tute (please say YES... they really do take some time to put together!)? Would a full PDF with sized pattern pieces be of interest?

Comments and feedback really do make my day... so go ahead... you know what to do... make my day!

UPDATE: You can now find the full tutorial HERE



  1. Love, love, LOVE it!! Wow, amazing transformation. You've got a real talent for refashioning!

    I'm just amazed at your talent girl!!! I love your blog and can't wait when the next posting will be up!!!
    Keep up the good work!!

  3. Your refashioned pieces never fail to amaze me..this is gorgeous!!

  4. So pretty! love it!

  5. I.love.it!!! And I love the brown and hot pink! That's amazing and some little girl is going to be so lucky to wear that dress!!!
    I'm your newest follower...come check out my blog when you have a chance :)
    Shantel @


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