Feb 11, 2011

Pay it Forward...

Today I received a GORGEOUS surprise in the mail... a gift from The Clip Cafe as part of Pay it Forward 2011.

Here's what arrived:

Aren't these little owl pins just the CUTEST!

And I (and the girls) practically fawned all over these:

(UPDATE: These little beauties are actually napkin toppers - I'll admit I wasn't quite sure they were and I'll blame being blinded by their loveliness... but they will look so elegant on crisp white napkins)
Ohhh.... and another pic cause they are just so beautiful!

But wait, still more pretty things... a girl can never have enough hair bobbles! ♥LOVE♥

AND Ribbon Yo-yo Hair clip holders... I have a real soft spot for yo-yo's...

Aren't they all just DIVINE... My girls went crazy silly over them (as I'm sure any littlie in receipt of such beautiful girliness would)

Here's Little Little Miss M showing a couple fabric button bobbles off:

And Big Little Miss M wanted one of each in her hair:

She swiftly declared them to be her "party hair ties"... but no fear of them being packed away for a party - EVERYDAY is a party day when you're 3 and a half and the world is PERFECT!!!

Little Little Miss M almost couldn't contain herself - we had wing flapping, dancing and all!

So if you think her handmade accessories are as gorgeous and beautiful and lovely (... and any other adjective that fits the girly eye candy label) as I do why don't you head over to her blog...
Feel Free To Take My Button 
Click HERE
and say hi... and check out her online store where you can find some of her creations.

Thank you so much Vanessa of The Clip Cafe - you have made my girls day and that in turn makes mine!

Oh... and my PIF surprise will soon be on it's way...

Wishing you all a most beautiful weekend! Will hopefully have a tutorial up for you all before the weekend is over...


  1. a really adorable, pretty gift. lucky you.

  2. So glad your girls liked it and I hope you can have a romantic dinner (or maybe a dinner party!) to use your napkin toppers :-) Looking forward to another of your awesome tutorials :-)

  3. they are all gorgeous!!

  4. Hello dear lady! Thank you for your kind comments on my blog and for leading me here. Lucky you to get all those lovely accessories - having 3 girls gives me an appreciation for hair clips too!

  5. BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love everything! You did such a great job!

    Hop over to my site! I'd love to have you link up at my For the Kids Fridays link party.



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