Jun 26, 2011

The teapot cake...

Just a quick stop by to show off Big Little Miss M's birthday cake I made for her party this Saturday.... remember I told you how I had gained my inpiration from the teapot cake?

Well, here's my version of something similar... Big Little loved it (but I have a sneaking suspicion all three four year olds love cake regardless of the shape it comes in!)

It took me three baking attempts to get the ball cake right (first wouldn't come out of the pan - last time I follow the directions on greasing tins... butter and flour all the way!... second one didn't rise enough to be ball shaped and looked more like a flying saucer) BUT I am glad I persisted (I was NOT going to be baking a fourth cake!)

So, what do you think... I'm pretty happy with it and now I have almost a year before our birthdays all strike again!

***You can find the recipe I like to use for both the buttercream and the marshmallow fondant in THIS POST***

Cheers & see you all soon with a refashion or two ☺


  1. I absolutely LOVE it! Just adorable!

  2. That is totally amazing! You are so talented!

  3. This is fabulous! I love to bake cakes with a theme as well! At least once a year for our boys...LOL. This is gorgeous! Love the spout!
    I just became your newest follower! Can't wait to look around!

  4. I love the lace on the cake!

  5. Thanks Jen... was pretty easy to create the lace look! Just used a paper doily and some food dye on the rolled out fondant and then used a scalpel cutter to cut the edges and lay over! Glad you liked it - might have to do a more detailed tute on this one down the track! ☺ @Jenn

  6. Thanks Cami! I love making and decorating their cakes! The spout and handle were made with Marshmallow Fondant which I inserted toothpicks into before letting them harden so I could attach them into the cake @cami

  7. It has an ideal shape and looks fabulous

  8. Love, love, love this cake! Now I'm way older than 4, but I'd be thrilled to have that for my birthday.

  9. Wow that cake is so amazing! I admire your perseverance with making it too! Would totally have something like that on my birthday party table, hee hee!

  10. Just found you through Lamb Around and so glad I did. Your cake is simply beautiful. I too have 'dabbled' with cake design (but not recently) so I really appreciate all the work you've put into this!

    I'm now a follower and would love to have you stop over at tiarasandbowties.blogspot.com


  11. Wow! Adorable :) Hope you will show this off @ our weekend linky party going on! Happy Sunday!

    :)Kristi & Kelli

  12. GORGEOUS!!! You did a beautiful job -- I probably would have given up after the second failed attempt! Glad you persisted!

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