Jun 19, 2011

Mmmm.... cookies... nom... nom...

My Big Little Miss M will be four in a few days :'( 

I'm not quite sure where she learned this kinda odd but so her pose with the hand on the head... but it seems to be her photo pose of choice at the moment!?!

Anyhow, I've been baking so that she could take some cakes to kindergarten tomorrow to celebrate with her buddies.

First saw this on PINTEREST  and since then all about internet-o-sphere... (you'll have to keep reading/scrolling to see what though ☺)

Take a whole lotta googly eyes (made from white choc melts with smaller milk choc melts attached with piping gel)

A bowl of super bright blue butter icing....

A bowl of blue dyed coconut... (I'm thinking you've probably guessed what's coming together by now...)

An oven full of chocolate cupcakes

... throw it all together with some choc chip cookies and there you have it...

"Nom... nom... nom.... I love cookies!!!"
~The Cookie Monster~

Take care... and stop by again soon! xo

Woops... should have given you the link which includes a fab how to video so you can make these super fab cupcakes too! CLICK HERE 

Oh, and just because my girl is such a girly girl and wanted pink... The cookie monsters long lost city cousin, Conchita came by too! ☺



  1. Good to see you! Happy Birthday to Miss..Very-Nearly-Four! Your birthday cupcakes make me laugh, they are so cute and funny.

  2. Thanks Carol! Hopefully will be getting back on this a bit more once the weekend is done... one more party for the big girl on Saturday then hopefully a little more normalcy!


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