Jun 29, 2011

Those 70's patterns and a mermaid too!

Well the mid year school holidays are almost upon us here! I don't have school age youngsters (both Big Little & Little Little are pre-school) but Big Little Miss M goes to 3 year old kinder once a week.

This past Monday being the last day of term for the kiddies was a dress up as your favourite super hero, character, occupation etc... Now, we only had a weeks notice of the dress up day and in part because of what felt like week long birthday celebrations for Big Little Miss M it was mid afternoon Sunday before I remembered that she needed a costume for the next morning.... PANIC STATIONS!!!

Now we have a costume or two about the house but they are pretty much princess or fairy related but my little lovely had specifically asked to go as Ariel... she has a major mermaid thing going on at present and I had told her earlier in the week that I'd make her an Ariel costume for the day!  Argggh!

So, mad dash to the fabric store (approx 75km round trip) just before closing time and surprisingly Ariel wasn't too hard to whip up!

My Big Little Miss (newly 4) M loved it ... (and for some reason insisted on doing a teapot pose 'cause that's what mermaids do apparently)

Oooh... and check out these fabulous (well I think so anyway) patterns from the 70's (click on photo for larger view)! I found them at one of the local op/thrift stores for 50c a piece and the pattern papers are both complete and uncut!  

I love the jacket on the left - the sash belt, wide lapels and the slightly puffy sleeve shoulders - and the dress tunic on the very right - just minus the strangely placed flap pocket smack bang centre chest... 

Actually, I think I love it all... even the wide leg, high waisted pants that may not be all that flattering on me..

The jacket and pant set pattern is from 1974 and the tunic/shirt and pant set is from 1977 but I really do think some of this style has crept back in (it does go in a circle doesn't it?) ... and even if it hasn't I'd still wear it!

Hope your week is going wonderfully and chat to you again soon! 
Cheers xoxo

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  1. Oh Boy!..I don't know whether I want the seventies back again..fine for those that didn't live through it. I've just had enough of it..but on the other hand the fifties and sixties intrigue me, probably 'cos I was too young to really take much notice back then..lol!


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