Jun 24, 2011

More baking, cakes and sweets...

Well, normally I blog about refashions but lately my posts have been a little sparse and sporadic... the middle of the year in our household is just a little crazy - all our birthdays occur in May and June!

Cake Pops with Rainbow swirled butter cream frosted cupcakes ☺

 So... much like my last post this one features some of my kitchen creations for my Big Little Miss M's fourth birthday.

My first attempt at two tone swirled butter cream frosting

Pinterest  and all the lovely eye candy featured amongst its fabulous pins has provided most the inspiration for my cake and birthday creations...

Chocolate Spoons

Now to get them all wrapped for the party... one down 99 to go!
After all the craziness of this week is over I will go a little more in depth with some links to inspiring photo's and some wonderful recipe/cooking tutorials... but for now I still have a cake to decorate for tomorrow so I'll just leave you with snapshots of the finished (or partially finished) creations from the kitchen this week....

Cupcakes 'n' cake pops

I hope to get back onto a refashion soon - I have a wardrobe full of potential just waiting!!!



  1. Hi Ms Spangler..I'm tucking the idea of those spoons away for future use! The cake pop/cupcake idea reminds me of little topiary trees..wouldn't they be great dressed up in green and pink for an adult female birthday!..or as soccer balls on a green cupcake for a boy..my imagination has got away with me again..hehe!

  2. Love the topiary idea... with cute little bows under the pop... (Now, I'm going to tuck that idea of yours away - would be fab for a garden or tea party!) Don't you just love that feeling when your mind starts to run crazy with ideas!


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