Mar 15, 2011

A guest spot, a transformation and some post holes…

My first guest blogging spot… Woo Hoo, I was super excited to be able to guest blog over at Ladybug Blessings today! Kristen hosts a fabulous linky party there every Tuesday too!
Remember, this jacket:
Well it is now this super cute capris pant & vest set:
finished outfit
Head on over to Ladybug Blessings, check it out and come back and let me know what you think!
I think my Little Little Miss M looks divine (biased I know but hey, aren’t we all?)
This is my new favourite photo… and yes I am inclined to offer my children bribes in my pursuit of gaining the perfect photo ☺
bribery was involved
On another topic, but something that really made me have a chuckle…. We are adding a deck onto the rear of our house and yesterday my little girls spent the afternoon watching their Daddy and Pop digging the post and stump holes…
Little Little Miss M was happy to supervise:
Whilst, it Big Little Miss M obviously was a little puzzled by it all. Remembering she’s only 3 and I’m not even sure if she knows what a ‘deck’ is…
After watching Pop for quite some time digging numerous holes she cautiously approaches, taps him on the leg as he’s digging a post hole and enquires…
“Pop, can’t you find your treasure?”
Oh, to see the world through their eyes!
Cheers xo


  1. what a genius idea.. two thumb for you ;)

  2. What a cute thing to think of Miss doubt you will treasure your new deck. Love the new outfit too, very cute as well.

  3. Oh such a cute comment!! And LOVE the outfit you are so clever I am so in awe or your talent!!


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