Mar 4, 2011

Sewing, sewing, sewing… just as well I LOVE it!

denim dress flowerab

I have been busy sewing, sewing, sewing… and loving it! I have to admit it really is fulfilling a creative itch for me.

Don’t you just love when you finish making something and you can admire it knowing that it began life either an old, unloved garment or an untouched length of fabric.

I love making something wearable and unique or when I’ve managed to create something especially for someone…

Here’s some of my latest sewing creations…

…a coordinating vintage inspired dress*, shoe and bib set:


…a fully reversible denim and floral dress (to match those BOOTiful Baby boots I made a little time ago) …just a little proud of this one – made the dress from scratch with my own pattern – WOO HOO!

denim set

…some Itsy Bitsy Baby Mary Janes… These were in newborn size and I think their size alone made me all gushy!


Sorry, all the photos have my shop name (SpaNGle) all over them… but I was being lazy and am more than just a little time poor lately so I didn’t remark them with the blog watermark… take it as a shameless plug or as my laxness (it truly is the latter!)

So, what have you been up to lately? What do you think of my creations? What fulfils your creative itch? I love reading your comments so feel more than welcome to comment down below!

And if you feel so inclined, stop by my Facebook page (there’s a link on my side bar just under followers otherwise click HERE) and say hi… let me know you came by from my blog too!


The SpaNGleR xoxo

*The dress pattern for this dress is an ITHINKSEW design – check out their designs, they’re awesome!!!


  1. I love the dresses! I have always been one to try to remake and reuse, but your blog inspires me to do so even more! I cannot wait for each new project post you put out! Thanks!

  2. I love the fabric on the sun dress & bib!. It is precious.

  3. really pretty

    and a fully reversible dress? wow!

  4. My, you have been busy! Love all your creations, particularly the vintage inspired set.

  5. You are so clever! I love the matching sets and the shoes are just so cute!

  6. Precious! Everyone I know that is pregnant is having a boy! I want to have another girl myself just to make her stuff!

  7. Lovely work..that little reversible denim number is great, beautiful work on the flower and leaves. Loving the tiny shoes too.


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