Mar 29, 2011

In the meantime…

Wow… I really seem to have neglected my poor blog a little of late.Sad smile
I haven’t quite mastered my time management it seems – I am either going flat out with blog posts and refashioning to the neglect of other things or lately sewing and custom orders for my store SpaNGle whilst being somewhat absent from the blogosphere….
Then there’s simply finding time for either of those things amongst the chaos of home life (boy can children keep you busy – not that I’m complaining… I love them to bits but I definitely think they test your sanity sometimes!!!)
I really need to get another blog project or refashion under way for you but in the meantime…
Here’s the latest pair of baby shoes I have sewn up… a little bit of a departure from my normally girly stuff – a pair of baby boys “Jungle Fever Boots”…
… and I thought I’d re-share the tutorial that I did as a guest post over at the lovely Kristen’s fabulous blog “Ladybug Blessings” (be sure to head over there and check out her wonderful blog and linky parties)….
I know I’ve showed you the before’s and after’s already but here’s the whole tutorial… hope you like it!
A refashioning project that transforms this large size 24 tailored jacket (found at local thrift store for $2.50)
…Into a cute little vest and capris pant set (with enough fabric left to also make a coordinating skirt at a later date!).
refashioned jacket
And remember although this is a girly jacket, with a few tweaks here and there and a thrift shop tweed men’s jacket you could make a rather dapper short (or pant) and vest set for a little man!
The pants are the easiest part of the project and I know turning sleeves into pants isn’t a new concept but here’s my take on it… (you can enlarge any of the photo’s by just clicking on them).
  1. Remove sleeves
  2. crotch seam
  3. cut sleeves
  4. pant legs
  5. inside out legs
  6. crotch seam done
  7. waist casing
  8. elastic waist
  9. elastic feeding
Taa Daa! Halfway point victory dance – the pants are done!
Now onto the vest… Size up, measure, pin & mark:
  1. pin neck measurement
  2. excess collar
  3. vest cut out
  4. open vest
  5. pintucks
  6. pint tuck fan
  7. collar bias
  8. finishing collar
  9. arm holes
  10. front lapels
  11. topstitch lapels
  12. bottom top hem

To finish, I added some ribbon ties (made from bias trim) to the front of the vest to tie it closed….

front vest refashion
…A short strip of bias at the centre back over the end of the pin tucks… the trim on the pants was already part of the original jacket sleeves.

finished back outfit Woo Hoo… here it is all finished – a cute capris pant & vest set (yes it really is time for a victory dance ☺)

finished outfit
Modelled by my Little Little Miss M (My big girl is having pants issues at present and refuses to wear anything but a skirt!) but yes there STILL was bribery involved (this photo IS STILL my favourite…)
bribery was involved

So with that I’ll endeavour to get more organised and to manage my time better so that I can bring you another tutorial really soon (I hope!)… Thanks for stopping by and know that I love getting any and all comments and feedback (and if you’ve an email attached to your Google account I will reply!) – I am yet to reply to most of the comments left over the last couple of weeks… it’s my whole time management saga again! BUT I am getting there slowly but surely ☺

Cheers xo


  1. WOW! You are so clever. Please tell me you are making millions wit this talent?? :-)


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