Aug 6, 2012

What's the best bargain you've ever found?

I love savings... it's why I love refashioning thrifted finds into something new and fabulous. I love that you've not only saved at the point of sale but you've also 'saved' both environmentally - reuse, recycle and reduce - and you've gotten that little buzz that comes from finding a great buy! Check out my mostly refashioned tutorial page...

Now, not all things are to be found in the op shop, thrift store, markets or second hand so that means I'm online shopping for a bargain... and they are definitely there to be found. My ventures into the 'blogosphere' led to my discovery of blogs written by super savvy bargain hunters and dedicated solely to coupons and discounts. They detailed, shared and bragged of coupon savings and I loved it whilst still being just a little envious of the massive savings that were to be had - I wish Australia had more of a couponing community and way of sourcing, buying and saving. We are catching on though and I'm excited by it - I love seeking out the best deal via the internet, so bring on more savings down under and YAY to the wonder and brilliance of online bargain hunting and the dot com shopping experience!

Finding the best deals and discounts though can take time and research and then there's always the deal you didn't find till after the purchase... grrr. Its all fun and I'm sure there wouldn't be many among us that don't like to save money where we can... for a holiday, the kids, a special treat, more fabric for the stash (we all have our soft spots, right)?

This all brings me to introduce a new lovely blog sponsor and ever so purse friendly site that's bound to save you dollars... 

Check them out, click on over - there's store coupon savings for everything from A - Z and everything in-between... Accessories, Electronics, Hotels (I'm already sussing out the Expedia coupon savings), SHOES (oh my, I LOVE shoes), Vitamins and more! There's daily deals with huge savings to be pocketed on special listings. Its a lovely, central source and sharing point for coupon savings and great deals. have been about since 1999 (try asking a question in the search box) and they describe Coupons by Answers as "the newest way for consumers to find and share the latest deals from the most popular online stores.... community-based Q&A expertise to the deal hunting experience to help people like you find the best bargains on the web... you'll find everything from the most popular stores to niche retailers, all offering incentives to get you to shop on their sites."

I'll be scouring the site for any deals that ship to Australia and the online bargains. I'll let you know what I come up with. In the meantime I'd love to know what is the best bargain you've ever found?

I'd also love to know once you've popped over to if there's a deal that perked your interest and/or saved you some coin!


(PS... Yes, this is a sponsored post however Coupons by is a site set up to save you and I money on items, services and products that we were most likely looking to buy anyhow, and any site that sets out to save us money and bring us to the best deal is worth a look - you'll be happily impressed... I know I am! Oh and don't forget to leave me some comment love with your bargain find story!)

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