Aug 25, 2012

Life by Instagram... the addiction continues

(ooh look... its actually me! Now you don't see photo's of me too often on this blog - not so super comfortable with that but on Instagram there's a scattering... maybe it's the littler screen size that gives me comfort... hmpf?)
anyway, that's me on instagram...

I've typed some thoughts on my instagram habits before... (here and here)
I'm still hooked that's for sure - everything gets instagrammed...
it's just so handy, quick and also fun!

(my girls and I perfecting the duck-face)

It drives the hubs a little around the bend... he thinks its crazy that I photograph pretty much everything - food, fabric, the kids, the sky, my coffee, wine, plants...

Yep, I think I've covered most the instagram cliché shots... ooh my feet - I've instagrammed them too!

(This is my older brother and I circa late 70's... one day I will convince him to do one of those crazy 'recreated' photo's just for S&G's... I think it'd be a 50/50 chance at being either incredibly funny or incredibly wrong!)

(Big Little Miss M learning to sew... Ted neede some shorts)

Yes, I am pretty sure there are many people out there whom are not the slightest bit interested in what I cooked or ate for dinner, how the sky looks from my backyard, or the cup my coffee was served in at the coffee shop...

But all that said I just can't deny the permeating addictiveness of it all... so if you, like me have an 'Insty' thing... join me as we happily snap stills of randomness and life, capturing memory triggering moments and looking for the beauty that's always there... sometimes hidden, sometimes blatant.

My (pseudo) name is The Spangler...
and I...
I am an Instagram addict!

Feed my insty addiction, tell me about yours, follow my feed, get the 'behind the doors' view into a little slice of my everyday.


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