Apr 28, 2012

Word of the moment...


the phenomenon of finding valuable or favourable things not sought for

It's my word of the moment...


Thank you Horace Wadpole, I do quite like this word.... 

So, what word do you just love? What is your word of the moment? One that makes you smile as it finds sound and shape rolling from your lips. 

I have a few  okay lots and lots of words that I just love.

As a child I remember loving to learn and discover new words (yes, I was a bit of a nerd growing up... )
I'd love how if you said a word over and over it would seem to lose it's meaning and sound foreign and wrong.

My mother's first language is not English and I think this contributed to my fascination with words and their sounds... I'd spend hours pondering inconsequential thoughts like, who decides that a word means what it means and sounds the way it sounds. Followed by pondering's of how that same word could sound so different in a foreign language yet have the same meaning (and okay, I know now as an adult that these questions have legitimate and real answers but as a child these thoughts were my unanswered D&M's).

So, indulge me and my word fascination, share with me, and do tell, what one word is your word of the moment?

I'd love to know! 

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