Sep 6, 2011

Free Flutter Sleeve Custom Made SpaNGle* Dress

Good afternoon blogland! Sorry, if you've come by for a post on a tutorial or a refashion... sadly I've been a little time poor (read: disorganised) lately and it seems everything always happens at once... hopefully I'll have one for you soon.

In the meantime, for anybody coming by today from Facebook... There is a MASSIVE pre-loved baby girls clothing sale going on at SpaNGle* and one lucky buyer is going to win one of these dresses:

Here's how:

1. One gift with purchase (GWP) will only occur if SpaNGle*s facebook page reaches another 20 likes before sale opens at 8pm (AEST) tonight.

2. If GWP is to be held (conditional upon above point) it will occur approximately 45minutes after sale start at 8:45pm.

3. Using the photo numbers of sale items to provide a number range, will be used to generate a winning number.

4. If the item corresponding to that number has been purchased that buyer will receive a complimentary SpaNGle* dress similar to that pictured above in the size of the item purchased.

5. If the corresponding item has not been purchased the process will be repeated every 5 minutes until someone wins!

6. BONUS.... if winner is a follower of this blog they will also receive a matching headband - but you must have left a comment below letting me know you are a follower PRIOR to the start of the sale!

7. screen shots will be added to this post to detail the winning number along with status and photo comment update to notify winner....

GOOD LUCK and don't forget to follow the blog and leave a comment below to be in with a chance at winning the headband too... oh and spread the word! We need to reach the magical extra 20 'likers'.

Cheers ☺

****UPDATE**** WINNER - Free Gift with purchase Winner as chosen by @8:45pm tonight..........

Congrats... Leonie SMITH - you pick up a free Flutter Sleeve Dress with your purchase!

Woo Hoo - time for a victory dance I say!

***NOTE: Oh, I just realised... in case anyone else was wondering... I removed two photo's from the Pre-loved sale album, after conducting the Gift with Purchase promotion and this changed the numbering on the photos with regards to who was the winner of the Gift With Purchase... Photo 117 received the bonus - that photo is now displayed as 115 but is still the lucky purchase item! ***

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