Sep 24, 2011

A hair cut that's been a long time coming...

I like long hair on my girls and loved every strand on their little heads! I held out for SOOOOO long but the time finally arrived for Big Little Miss M to have her FIRST EVER haircut. This was a big deal for me and her!

It only took 4 years, 2 months and 29 days to get there!

For such a while I'd lamented just how fine and whispy her hair was - especially every time I tied it back or tried an up-do, but at the same time I loved that it still felt like baby hair, had the most gorgeous blond sunbleached ends and even the very fact that not a single hair on her head had ever encountered a pair of scissors.

So, so many people had suggested that if I just cut or trimmed her hair that it would thicken up...

My big girl began asking about getting a haircut a couple of months ago... so after much to-ing and fro-ing,  and internal debate, out came the scissors and after a few before shots and a snip here and there my girl had had her very first ever haircut.


She sat so still for me and in retrospect she was obviously a little nervous.


 Why do I think she was nervous? Well, because it was with typical childish innocence that after I made the first snip and proudly showed her the lock of hair we were going to keep as a memento she exclaimed,
 "But Mummy, it didn't even hurt!"

How perfectly logical for my little girl, who's always been told to never touch my sewing scissors, been warned of how knives can cut and who understands that cuts and scraps can hurt, to unwittingly believe that the act of haircutting may carry some of that same pain.

It would never have occurred to me that she may have thought this way but the joy in her discovery of the painless haircut made this memorable occasion even more endearing and special!

And here's my little one doing some crazy eyes as she checks out her brand spanking new fringe (aka bangs)

Cheers till next time ☺


  1. The new haircut makes so much difference and really frames her cute face! You've done a great job! Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. @Naturally CarolThanks Carol, I'm pretty happy with it too ... and I guess more importantly my girl is very happy with the new style! Hope you've had a lovely weekend too!

  3. Love the haircut! Super cute! Thanks so much for dropping by my blog! :)


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