Jan 9, 2012


Just popping by quickly (or so I originally thought anyhow)… I have been away visiting all three of my three brothers in the city and also my Grandma this past weekend (with my two lovely little ladies in tow) and I have returned home feeling re-energised and inspired.

2011-12-28 19.06.03

In my mind I have a blueprint of the next tutorial I’m going to start for you all tomorrow… its going to be a super simple to follow winter tute (even though we’re sweltering here in Oz through mid summer) – how exciting to feel I’ve got a little creativity surging through the veins!
I just hope it lives up to all that my mind believes it is right now… Smile with tongue out

So, as for my couple of days away...

The girls hadn’t seen their Great-Grandma (Mamma) for some time so it was nice to get down to visit her… she’s still seems so fit and well, even if her memory (early stages of dementia) and confusion at times clouds the conversation… it is sad to learn how much she is forgetting or rather how much of life has slipped into closed parts of her minds memory.

2012-01-07 12.59.47

I look at the above photo and for the first time I’m struck with some of the resemblances Little Little Miss M has of my Mamma… I don’t know if I’m the only one that would think this or can you see it too???

Catching up with my brothers is always so nice… even more so when I manage to see all three of them in one trip!

My older brother lives in a unit with quite a small courtyard for an backyard area but gee my girls and I were so jealous of his little garden. Over the past year or so he really has become quite the organic gardener! Check out how lush his planter boxes and vegetable plants look… I wish I took more photo’s of the other side of his courtyard where he had all his salad plants and herbs. Big Little Miss M thought it was the most amazing ‘garden jungle’.

2012-01-07 17.40.532012-01-07 17.39.182012-01-07 17.39.372012-01-07 17.40.38

Today before heading home we made it to one of the city markets too which was nice… it had been about 9 years since I’d been to this particular one (and in honesty it hadn’t changed very much at all). My younger brother took the girls for a ride on the train that goes around a huge lake there and they loved it…  and I’d really love to know what is going on inside their heads at times… Little Little Miss M often gazes off beyond the distance, deep in thought.

2012-01-08 14.29-horz

But now I really should be catching up on some sleep… especially if I’m going to get this tutorial underway…

Oh… and a totally random observation – it’s the middle of the night here (almost 2am in fact) and I’ve just realised that I can hear what sounds like a whole flock of galahs going crazy screeching and squawking outside… I wonder what’s up because I didn’t think birds got noisy like that in the middle of the night … hmmm strange!

Anyhow, I best be catching those zzzzz’s …
Until next time…

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