Dec 6, 2012

Thrift shop love and an Elfie update...

Who loves thrift stores, op shops, and random second hand or vintage stores?
Oooh, me! ME! ME!!!

Here's some of the latest material objects of my affection, having been found at a local thrift store for loose change!

I'm always curious of the life vintage and retro pretties have had before coming to my hands... oh to be able to hear the stories of previous owners and the tales of the items themselves!

I have a whole HUGE tub full of vintage and retro patterns - one day I will begin to work my way through sewing up each and everyone of them... one day - could be a very long way off, but one day!

How cute is this Japanese strawberry plate? For a single coin I just had to have it!

Oooh... my favourite find of the day: 

A set of six perfect and gorgeous little Yamato China teacups and saucers with the most beautiful pearly finish together with such delicate gold trim and pink accents... so so pretty!

This is why I will always love being thrifty!

Tell me about your most favourite thrift store find... I love hearing of amazing and pretty finds... you know the one that is "Thrift Shop Gold!"

And now onto Elfie... the girls are loving him as much as last year if not more!


Elfie was up to some old, tried and tested Elf games... He turned up on a brand spanking new and sparkly silver reindeer and in possession of a rather bright red lippy!
He of course had painted their noses so they could be reindeer's too!
He left this note for them:

"Oh girls, 
What sweet reindeer's you'd be,
If you'd travel to the North Pole with me!
Look in the mirror for then you will see, 
What games I've played - little mischief me!
Love Elfie"


Elfie decide to add his own touches of decorating to the tree...

The entire contents of the girls underpants draw now hangs from the tree, whilst our cheeky Elfie surveys his handy work from the air balloon he fashioned from Christmas decorations and another pair of the girls underpants!

Oh boy, that cheeky Elf!

The girls thought it was hilarious and my Big Little Miss M was envious of Elfies view and air balloon - she wanted to try it out herself!

So do you do Elf on the Shelf? 

Time for me to go for now, I must help Elfie get organised for Day 6!



  1. what awesome thrift finds!

    i love to see the excitement on your girls faces in the elfie pix!

  2. I looove those plates !!!

    And that was one naughty elf!


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