Jul 23, 2011

DIY Super Simple Asymmetrical Top

Well, I know I've said it before... but I will say it again - I really have neglected my poor blog. I really am trying to organise home, family, home sewing and everything in between to get more balance and it feels like I'm getting there - which is the important thing - and I hope that this will mean I will get more blogging and sewing for my girls done.

I'm going to change a little about my home sewing and selling to minimise custom orders and move more towards selling ready made one of a kinds - the custom order sewing is really taking away from sewing for my two princesses and lately, sadly, it has been sapping some of the joy I normally feel from creating and sewing handmade items.

But anyhow, moving on....

A couple of days ago I was digging around the shed in a half hearted effort to sort some boxes that have remained unpacked for over a year now. This is one piece of clothing I found...

I made this top over 4 years ago as a maternity top when I was pregnant with Big Little Miss M. But I wore it today (as above) and really think it doesn't look too bad as a regular kind of top. Being no slim svelte waify model type I also really like that it's kind of a cover up for any lumps and bumps!!!

It is the most simple top to make and here's how you can turn 2 metres (or 2 yards) into a fabulous top (this in fact be enough fabric for TWO so you'll have a spare or one for a gift)... 

You can make this with so many different types of fabrics - jersey, sheers, cotton voiles, lace or like I have a knit - although it will hang better using light fabrics.

  • Take 2 metres (or 2 yards) of fabric.
  • Fold in half so your fabric is now 1 metre (or yard) doubled over with right sides together.
  • Cut in half lengthways (parallel) to the selvedges (this now gives you the fabric for the two tops)
  • Measure approx 50cm (19.5") along top edge (with fabric still doubled over R/S together) and sew a 10cm (4") seam to create the shoulder seam
  • Hem the neckline opening 
  • ....and if you're fabric doesn't fray or need hemming, that's it - YOU'RE DONE!!!
  • If it needs hemming just hem all the open edges or get creative and use bias trim (I've got the other half of mine with bias packed away somewhere...)
Throw your top on, add a belt or not and TAA DAA - you should definitely have time for a victory dance!

Belt or no belt - I think I prefer the belt... when I was pregnant I always wore this without one though

Such a quick and easy sewing project that I think I will have to whip up a couple more!

All my measures are approximates and can be changed up to make the top longer etc... with only a few modifications this could also be made into a dress (might have to give this a try when the weather warms up).

So, get creative - add some trims, bias, a brooch or buckle, a yo-yo or embellishment or two!

Hope it inspires you some as it really is such an easy, quick sewing project that I think is flattering on most figures (please tell me if I'm delusional and suffering some body dysmorphic issues - as I think it looks alright!)

If you have any questions about this tute or want a little more help or explanation with it please feel free to email or comment. (What makes sense to me, sometimes makes sense to no one else but me☺)

Cheers & hope to be back soon with some more tutes/refashions! ☺


  1. very cute! This would be so nice for fall.

  2. loving this!!! I am trying it right away - its a very good look!!!
    Visit me at onesweetstory.blogspot.com

  3. Very cute! Love it!
    Thank you so much for linking this up to {nifty thrifty sunday} last week!! I would love it if you joined me again tomorrow! :)

  4. love it! I have a similar bell sleeved/fitted top style I stumbled into making with a similar method! Winner for sure! ^.~!

  5. Stumbled on to your site, love this idea, but I would like some additional clarification on how it is made, could you please assist me on this? I would love to email my questions - but don't wish to broadcast my email on your comment site, let me know how we could achieve this. Great Pattern by the way & you looked really snazzy in it also!! Thanks

    Gloria Masley

  6. Love the look, but still unclear on the details. What is the width of the fabric, before you fold it?

  7. Ready to get this done what size. Is it one size fit all

  8. Ready to get this done what size. Is it one size fit all

  9. This is such a cute outer sweater. Just a synchronicity, but you posted this on my birthday five years ago. :)

  10. I just found this tutorial but have a question. How wide was your fabric? Was it 60 inches wide or 54 or 48? It really makes a difference in the finished product.

  11. Will have to try this! Live the look.

  12. Hi, I'm sooooo new to this. Can you explain a bit more on the 4th bullet?
    I just can't figure out what you did to get the shoulders/armholes.

  13. This is a beautiful top, but I am confused about the instructions. I'm not sure what to fold which way and what to cut & sew where. Do you have a video tutorial? That would be great! Or just further instruction?

  14. Would like to make this, but sorry can't understand your instructions.


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